Monday, April 5, 2010

Best Museums and Galleries

Deutsches Historisches Museum
Deutsches Historisches Museum

Visiting budget hotel in Berlijn will be more interesting if you get some information about the history of the city as well as the country. The German Historical Museum offers numerous temporary exhibitions, that interests tourists of hotel in Berlin center. There are about 8000 exclusive exhibits in this musuem in Berlin. Significant events and formative facets of German history are displayed across four levels. You can also get a clear idea about the cultural heritage of the country, if you visit this Berlin museum. Your visit to museums in london will be similarly interesting.

Altes Museum

Altes Museum is the oldest museum built in Berlin. This museum in Berlijn has was listed in the UNESCO list of Heritage sites. This amazing museum in Berlin was built in between 1823 and 1830. Tourists of citytrip Berlin on visit to this museum can enjoy the vast collection of classical antiques. You will also find a section in this museum that houses Greek and Roman holdings. If you visit this museum from Hotel in Berlin, you will also be able to visit some beautiful sights nearby such as Berliner Stadtschloss and Berlin Cathedral.

Pergamon Museum

Tourists of fin de semana Berlin interested in archaeological holdings, will love spending some time in Pergamon Museum. It is located on the Museum Island. This museum actually houses three museums in one complex, Collection of Classical Antiquities, Museum of the Ancient Near East, and the Museum of Islamic Art. Donot make the mistake of spending just a few hours from your stay in budget hotel en Berlin, because it is worth speding alteast a day here like museusms in barcelona.

The Story of Berlin
The Story of Berlin

It is a multi-level museum is one of the most famous museums visited by tourists staying in hotels in Berlin Germany. In this museum in Berlin, you will be taken through the history of this beautiful city, by the help of light and sound shows. Tourists of hôtel Berlin offre are often fascinated by highlights of this museum such as divided living rooms that give a glimpse into life on each side of the Berlin Wall, and the still-functioning underground nuclear bomb shelter built by the city in the 1970’s.

DDR Museum

DDR Museum is placed in the center of the city. This famous Berlin museum is placed near some of the interesting sights such as Berlin Cathedral. Those visting this museum while staying in hotels in Berlijn Duitsland can enjoy exhibition shows on the daily life in East Germany. Thousands of visitors take a trip to this museum every year.

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